about anomabu

Anomabu in Ghana (general) (region) is a town located in Ghana - about 129 mi (or 208 km) West of Accra, the country's capital place. Fort William, also known as Anomabu Castle, was designed by the British engineer John Apperley and constructed between 1753 and 1760. It is about 16 kilometers (10 mi) from Cape Coast Castle.

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about anomabu

Originally a small fishing village, Annamaboe eventually became one of the most important trading ports on the Gold Coast. By the 18th century, the town had become one of the largest exporters of slaves on the West Coast of Africa. The Anomabu fort became the center of British slave trading along the Gold Coast until the practice was outlawed in 1807.



Anomabu is located in the Mfantsiman District of Central Region. Today, the community has a status of a Traditional Area and is able represented at the Central Regional House of Chiefs by Kantamanto Amoono VI, the Omanhene.



About Sixty-Four communities are located within the Anomabu Traditional Area, and these communities depend on the same social amenities, such as, schools, health center, police post and market. Data from Ghana Statistical Service’s 2010 population census projects the population size of Anomabu Township at 14,389.


the challenges

Before we can help, we must first learn more about the challenges the members of our community face. We have received reports from volunteers on the ground in Anomabu and planning a trip to Ghana in 2018 to learn more about how we can make an impact.




Basic education infrastructure available in the town is inadequate, and also these schools are in a dilapidated state. Schools are forced to run a shift system (morning and afternoon sessions) to cater for the large number of students.

Washrooms are also inadequate to cater for needs of the students and teachers. The available washroom facilities are in a deplorable state and unhygienic for students use.




The town has sanitation teams who are responsible for the regular clean up exercises in the various neighborhoods. These sanitation teams lack the resources to effectively undertake cleaning activities around Anomabu and the surround areas..




Anomabu Health Center lacks an in-patient ward to handle emergency health conditions. The nearest hospital is at Saltpond, 10km from Anomabu. Medical emergencies such as child birth, vehicle accidents often lead to fatalities.



INFRASTRUCTURE EmpowerS lives AND disableS dependency.

Our vision is to be a primary resource for education and healthcare, enabling Anomabu to become self-sustaining and to reach its fullest potential. To support that goal, we are building a house in Anomabu. We plan to use this center to empower lives daily through Education, Access and Giving. Help us build Jemimah's dream.

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Our settlement home serves as a library and tutoring center for community members and enables us to offer cost-effective tele-education programs in our computer center.



Enabled by the infrastructure our settlement house offers, we will have the ability to provide resources and equipment to the community for proper sanitation and healthcare.



Our giving strategy provides resources directly to community members to reduce household maintenance costs and to equip families with the necessities.