Jemimah was an accomplished journalist and writer. Blessed with many talents, she used them dilligently to make her mark in this world. Jemimah, you can never be forgotten.


The 'Candy Lady' makes the world taste good

In 2000, she went online to search for recipes to perfect her method. Bassett retired two years ago after almost twenty years as a paralibrarian for the Beaumont Independent...

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"Church community gathers to fight oil spill with prayer."

Even as BP officials talk about the relief well they expect to complete in August - the latest attempt to stop the gusher from the Gulf Coast oil spill - non-engineering types have decided to try another avenue. 

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Fairy tale comes true for autistic prom queen

Fairy tale comes true for autistic prom queen [...] long before her senior prom arrived, Bailey told her mother that she was going as the princess Belle from "Beauty and...

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At Debate Camp, Inner-City Students Learn Art Of Oratory

"Death is one penalty which makes error irreversible," said 14-year-old Jakira Lewis, stating her contention against the death penalty.       

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"Just say no to dropped food, researchers say."

"God Made Dirt and Dirt Don't Hurt," you might console yourself when eating dropped food, or you recite the five second rule, which says dropped food is safe if it's quickly..

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Hands-only CPR enough to save a life

Medical research that has surfaced in the New England Journal of Medicine says doing the less contact-intensive chest compressions might be enough. 

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Poverty, not race, leads to more HIV/AIDS cases

Poverty, not race, is the single most important demographic factor associated with HIV among inner city heterosexuals, according to a Centers for Disease Control and...

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Female firefighters face tough climb up HFD career ladder

Michelle McLeod and Alison Stein earned the two top scores on the Houston Fire Department's promotion exam, they knew the sleepless nights they spent...

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