A Letter

from founder and CEO Mrs. Eunice Cromwell


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting The Jemimah Noonoo Foundation’s website. It is our prayer that my sister’s sweet memory is preserved and her goals and dreams are accomplished through the work of the foundation. I am both honored and humbled for the love and support that our family has received from her friends, students and others who were fortunate enough to cross paths with Jemimah.

We at the foundation are looking forward to what the future holds.  We’re committed to ensuring the communities that we partner with enjoy better lives through access to education, natural resources and opportunities to improve their quality of living.

When Jemimah went to Ghana in 2003, she shared with me all that she saw and encouraged me to join her in making a difference. Traveling to Ghana in 2009, I was sad to see firsthand the dire living conditions of the people that Jemimah told me about.  It was then that I vowed to be of great service to the people and was excited to help bring about the much needed change we had spoken about. The Every Child Counts non-profit organization that she envisioned began when my husband and I took food, clothing, shoes and school supplies to Anamabu.  What I learned on this trip is the power of the dollar and how far it stretches and I can tell you that every dollar really does count!

The Jemimah Noonoo Foundation will continue to humbly serve our adopted communities and be representatives proclaiming Christ to the world. Please join with us in our mission to empower lives through education, access and giving.

In His kingdom,

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